The Rebirth of Life & Legend: Part 2

Last time, I talked about the birth of Life & Legend and how we’ve been hard at work on a second edition of the game. I explained why Life & Legend will make a great journaling rpg. In a future post, we’ll talk about how the journaling rpg works. For now, let’s look at some […]

The Rebirth of Life & Legend: Part 1

You are a wanderer on a life-long journey. Seek what you will, but as time passes, know the end draws closer. Each opportunity becomes more important, missteps more costly, victories sweeter. Will you find glory when the path is at its end? Welcome to the World. Good luck, Adventurer. (from the Life & Legend 1st […]

The Ethical Gamer #1: Lying in Games

One of the joys of board gaming is that you can enter into a world wholly different than your own. In my daily life, I’ve never gone on an adventure where I explore deep cave systems and fight against swamp-creatures. But when I play Above and Below, it activates that imaginative side of my brain. Part of the enjoyment comes from imagining a life I don’t have.