Forgotten Lore: It’s Only Teenage Wasteworld

When I first saw The Road Warrior, I was too young, and it blew my mind. The idea of the present world being cast down, all of its conventions and culture swept away, only a stout or fortunate few remaining, and a new world blooming from the carcass of the old was beyond compelling. Not to […]

Forgotten Lore: My Roleplaying Adventures in the 20th Century and Beyond

Looking back, I saw that I’d played Dungeons & Dragons consistently for the entirety of the 1990s. These were my younger years, the long years, not the fleeting lightspeed years that jolted to life in my late 20s. The coming of age years, maybe?

I began D&D in 1988 at age 10, and the polyhedral satellite of that game revolved around the sun of my entire adolescence.