About us

At Seven Day Games we believe in creating fun games with beautiful art, unique mechanics, and new ideas. 

Adam Glass

Adam is Head of Operations for Seven Day Games. He’s been in the gaming business for nearly ten years. Some of you may remember him from Lost Age Games. For the past two years he’s been simultaneously recuperating and working on a new game project. He moonlights as a game designer for Lowen Games and has done graphic design for a wide range of projects.


Matt Gavenda

Matt is Director of Sales for Seven Day Games. He’s been running his own design agency, Ambit Design, for almost 10 years and has been in the gaming industry for just over three. He plays all manner of games and sports with his four kids and the range of his hobbies are endless. Hailing from Western New York and Indiana, he’s an interesting mix of the two areas.


RC Pickering

RC is Lead Game Designer and Developer for Seven Day Games. He has been in the hobby game world since 2013, but has been playing games since he was 4. He has hosted a monthly game night for many years. His favorite games are Carcassonne, Castles of Burgundy, and Clank! He has many designs in the works ranging from party games to roll and writes and deep strategy games.


Josh Jones

Josh is Lead Playtester for Seven Day Games and contributing writer for the blog. He is the planting pastor of Three Trees (a small church in Hartford City, Indiana). He loves strategy games and the relational, community-building aspect of board gaming. In his free time, Josh is currently developing a game based on the Biblical year of jubilee.