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RC’s Top 7 Solo games

Solo games have come along way. They’ve become much more sophisticated since the days of the 52 card deck and Klondike. Solo games are my most favorite type of game, and since I’m currently working on our upcoming solo game, Eden Dawning, I thought it would be fun to share my top 7 favorite games to play solo.

Here goes!

One Deck Dungeon

This dice allocation game has you exploring a dungeon made up of cards. Your hero has to overcome traps and creatures to finally face off against the dungeon boss. 

This has one of my favorite mechanisms of dice placement. You roll a certain amount of dice based on your hero’s stats. These dice are then used to perform spells or more importantly cover up challenge boxes. Whatever boxes are not covered up can have terrible consequences. 

This is not an easy game at first, but playing the campaign helps.

Dune Imperium

First of all, I’ve read the original Dune novels a few times and it is one of my most loved universes. The many political machinations in the Dune universe are intriguing. You find yourself not really rooting for any one faction–all seem to have some major flaws–but you want to see what develops from each factions decisions.

What I love about this game is the tightness. It’s a deck building worker placement game that will have you trying to eke out every point you can. There is rarely a runaway leader in this game. When you play solo it has the same feel. You use an app or a deck of cards that controls the actions of two AI opponents, but it still has the same feel as the multiplayer version.

Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game

Castles of Burgundy the full game was my number one game of all time for the longest time. The card game version is a different game with thematic mechanical elements that are reminiscent of the original. In the card game you are facing off against an AI opponent over five rounds. At the end of each round you must tie or beat his score to continue. You will use cards instead of dice to perform actions that are very similar to the bigger g

ame. Gives me that Castle of Burgundy feel that I love. The feeling of having limited options, but trying to manipulate those options to make the best choices available.


Sneak in the dungeon. Don’t make any noises or the dragon will eat you. Get the treasures and get out. To play this solo you will need the app. The solo version has you going through the dungeon trying to complete certain tasks before the dragon gets you. Clank! is currently my number one game. I’ll play any version of it, Space, Legacy, original, or hopefully in the future Catacombs.

Marvel Champions

Make Mine Marvel. I remember digging up enough change from my parent’s junk drawer and in the couch cushions. Then riding my bike down to the store and buying any comic book that had Spider-man in it and an ice cream Snickers. So I love Marvel. Pick your hero and choose your villain. Thwart their scheme and beat up the bad guy. This LCG is still going strong and will continue to grow as long as there are new Marvel movies.

Tiny Epic Galaxies

My number two most played solo game at 172 plays. I keep track of my plays on the BGStats app. This tiny game lives up to it’s epic name. Though the pieces are small, the gameplay is big. In the solo mode you are trying to outscore an AI opponent. You roll dice and use the actions that your dice provide. Be the first to colonize a planet through diplomacy or economy. Grow your fleet. Upgrade your empire. Use your culture to follow the actions of the other players. Haven’t played this one in a while, may need to pull it out soon.

Deep Space D-6

My number one most played solo game. I’ve played this 199 times since 2013. You are captaining a space ship and there are many dangers in space. Roll your custom dice and keep the internal and external threats. Keep the alien ships from overwhelming you. Fix your ship. Survive. This is another tough game to win, which is a sign of a good solo game.

Honorable Mentions:

Sprawlopolis, Oh My Goods, Warp’s Edge, Tiny Epic Dungeons, Friday, Super Skill Pinball, GI Joe Deck-building game.

Most of the above games are portable and can be played within an hour. 

Sprawlopolis, Oh My Goods, Warp’s Edge, Tiny Epic Dungeons, Friday, Super Skill Pinball, GI Joe Deck-building game.

Do you play solo? What are your favorites? Have you played any of these? Let us know in the comments!


RC is Lead Game Designer and Developer for Seven Day Games. He has been in the hobby game world since 2013, but has been playing games since he was 4. He has hosted a monthly game night for many years. His favorite games are Carcassonne, Castles of Burgundy, and Clank! He has many designs in the works ranging from party games to roll and writes and deep strategy games.

2 Responses

  1. In no particular order (It depends upon my mood), all the Oniverse games: Onirim, Sylvion, Castellion, Nautilion and Aerion. I own Stellarion, but I haven’t played it, yet. They all have different gameplay styles and, so far, have all been great. I love the artwork, too, by Élise Plessis. Dreams & Nightmares in pastel watercolors!

    I also like playing Nameless, the solo mode for Tyler Sigman’s Crows. I like the theme and it’s quick. The fantastic art by Justin Hillgrove is like Tim Burton meets Adventure Time.

    When playing Fugue, I prefer playing against all three AI opponents. It’s really fun to see all the interactions of the opponents. Adam & Thomas have the imagery layered behind the symbolism and functionality and it makes the whole thing pop. Vast waterscapes and firescapes within tiny windows…of your mind? Indeed.

  2. I’ve only played Onirim, and only through the app. I liked it and had thought about getting some of the others.
    I love solo games, like Fugue, that have different AI you play against. It makes it feel like you are not playing solo.

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